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    THE PLETSCHETTE FAMILY OF NEUNHAUSEN        first version..: April, 2001
    ====================================       last updated.:  June 09, 2001
                       (May 7, 2001 Updates from Donald Pletchette included)
    Wilfreda "Freda" Pletchette's Family of Carroll (Carroll County), Iowa
    It is possible Freda's Grandfather, Guil, was a younger brother 
    to #6 Pierre.  Guil had a brother, John, with whom he had quarrel, 
    and parted ways.  It may have been at this time Guil changed the 
    spelling of his last name from Pletschette to Pletchette. 
    The above theory was blown with the information contained in 
    Donald Pletchette's Genealogy book.  George's father's name 
    was "Guil" (perhaps short for Guillaume).  Guil and his brother, 
    John (perhaps Jean) were born in the Alsace-Lorraine region, 
    in northeast France.  They emigrated to America in 1845.  
    Guil settled in the Chicago area, and John went to Luxembourg, 
    Iowa to join with other friends and family members from the 
    "old country".  Perhaps Guil and John were brothers of the Pierre 
    from Grosbous, who sailed on board The Silvanus Jenkins???
    The following is my personal speculation:
     1. Joh. Pletschette *?? +1712
     2. Paul Pletschette *?? +1734
     3. Jean Pletschette *?? +1755
     4. Nicolas Pletschette *?? +1797
     5. Jean-Nicolas Pletschette *1768
     6. Pierre Pletschette *1805 (I believe this is the Pierre that
                                  emigrated on the Silvanus Jenkins)
     7. Jean Pletschette *1836-1902 (went back to Luxembourg)
        8. Nicholas Pletschette *1865 (Grandson to Pierre #6)
           9. Margaret Pletschette
           9. Peter Pletschette *1869
              10. Martin Pletschette*1900
                  11.  Emmett Pletschette *
        8. Alex Pletschette *1873 stayed in Grosbous 
     6. John Pletschette *approx 1790's?
        7. Peter Pletschette *
     6. Guil Pletchette *approx 1800 in Alsace-Lorraine
     7. George Pletchette *1849 in Chicago   
        8. Bernard Pletchette *1900 
           9. Freda Pletchette *1925 
    The Pletschettes that emigrated on board the "Silvanus Jekins" that 
    arrived in New York, July 3-4, 1845:
     Pierre Plettschette   40     farmer   Grosbous to Wisconsin (5) 
     Maria Plettschette    33     wife     Grosbous to Wisconsin 
     Jean I Plettschette   11     son      Grosbous to Wisconsin 
     Jean II Plettschette  2y3m   son      Grosbous to Wisconsin 
     Maria Plettschette    8m     daughter Grosbous to Wisconsin 
    The following are Freda' records:
    6. Guil Pletchette *approx 1800 in Alsace-Lorraine
                       + 1876 in Chicago, IL
       To whom Guil was married is unknown.  It is said he and his wife 
       had at least 2-sons (George & John), and 1-daughter (name unknown). 
       It is thought this daughter married a Mr. Henry Schupenitz 
       (1868-1958) and lived in the Carroll, 
       Iowa area.  Henry (and perhaps his wife as well) is buried in 
       Carroll Cemetery, NE corner, Lot 154, Space 10.  Records indicate 
       Mrs. John Goffinet of Carroll, IA, paid the Perpetual Care. 
       Donald Pletchette noted in his records that a lot of official 
       documents were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, such 
       as birth/baptismal, marriage and death certificates.  This has made 
       it very difficult to trace our ancestors in that area/time frame.
    7. George Pletschette *15JUL1849 in Chicago, IL
       George moved to the Luxembourg, Iowa area after his father died 
       in 1876.  He remembered he had an uncle (John) and cousins living 
       in this area.  It was here where he met and married his future wife.
       A year later he and Maragaret moved to Carroll County, Iowa where
       his sister, Mrs. Henry Schupenitz, lived near Carroll City.
                          +27MAY1931 in Carroll, IA
       oo  Margaret Heiderscheit *2MAR1855 in Luxembourg, IA
                                 +6DEC1943 of a heart attack or stroke
                                  in Carroll, IA - Buried in Willey, IA
           (Note:  Margaret's parents were:
            John Heiderscheit *25DEC1818 in Prats, Luxembourg, Germany 
            and Anna Maria Wagner *24FEB1838 in Faulen, Luxembourg, Germany
                                  +28AUG1875 in Luxembourg, IA.  
            Anna Maria Wagner sailed on board the Silvanus Jenkins with her
            parents and siblings:
    			Jean Wagner   	Father-46, Farmer 
    			Anna Wagner    	Wife-46    
    			Michel Wagner     Son-15                 
    			*Catharina Wagner Daughter-13           
    			Anna Wagner       Daughter-11               
    			Jean Wagner       Son-9                
    			Ma????tha Wagner  Daughter-7 
                  	Michel Wagner     Son-5 
                    	*Catharina married Michael Heiderscheit
                    	(sometimes spelled Heiderscheidt)  So,
                    	2-Heiderscheit brothers married 2-Wagner
    	  George & Margaret had 4-sons & 3-daughters.  
            All were born in Willey, IA:
       8.  John Pletchette *15NOV1883 
                      Sponsors were John Goetzinger & Catherine 
                     +26NOV1960 of a stroke in Carroll, IA
           oo Margaret Meissner *8NOV1892 in Bavaria, Germany  - +29JUN1978
     		Daughter of Leonard Meissner & Magdalen Frischolz. 
                    After arriving from Germany in 1910, she made her home 
                    with her sister, the late Mrs. Anna (Barney) Greteman.
                    oo 4AUG1914 
        	 Together they lived in Viola Center and Dedham, IA where 
        	 they opened a General Store.  They had one son:
           9. Donald John Pletchette *11FEB1929 in Carroll, IA
              oo Marilyn Catherine Schultes *22OCT1932 in Carroll, IA
     		 oo 18APR1953 in St. Mary's Church, Willey, IA
        		 Pastor:  Father Herman Dries
             Donald was a Receving Clerk in Dahl's Supermarket in 
             Des Moines, IA.  He served in the US Armny during the 
             Korean War.  Served in England.  Served from January 1951 
             to December 1952.  Together they had 5-daughters & 2-sons:
              10. Nina Margaret Pletchette *2SEP1954
                    Sponsors were John & Margaret Pletchette
      		oo ? Burmeister
           	They live in Coon Rapids, IA
    	    10. Catherine Ann Pletchette *30DEC1955
                      Sponsors were Mike & Catherine Schultes
        		  oo ?? Lampman
                  They live in Gilbert, AZ
              10. Lisa Marie Pletchette *11MAR1957
                                Sponsors:  Edward & Margaret Klocke
                  oo ?? Klocke
                        They live in Dedham, IA
              10. John Loras Pletchette *22NOV1958
                                Sponsors:  Art & LaVine Tigges
                  oo ??
                        Lives in Winterset, IA
        	    10. Mary Jean Pletchette *20DEC1959
                          Sponsors:  Paul & Norma Gretemen
            	  oo Mark, Schreck
                  They live in Willey, IA and have 7-children
              10. Amy Louise Pletchette *3MAY1961
                             Sponsors:  Leonard & Lynette Steinkamp
                  oo ?? Tunning
                        They live in Ohama, NE
        	    10. Michael Patrick Pletchette *20AUG1962
                       Sponsors:  Louis & Mary Klocke
            	  oo ??
                  Lives in West Des Moines, IA
       8. Mary Magdelen *13MAR1886 - +6NOV1945 in Dedham, IA
      		Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. John Werner -
                             Baptized in Roselle (IA?)
          oo William F. Klocke *21OCT1880 in Nieheim, Germany
                               +7MAR1944 in Dedham, IA
             oo 21MAY 1907 in St. Mary's Church, Willey, IA
      		Pastor:  Father John Heinzelmeier
             William was a Farmer, and also dealt in livestock.
             Together they had 7-children:
          9. William George Klocke *24SEP1980 - Deceased
             William was born on the home place, and lives on the
             home place with his sister Margaret.  He never married
             and had no children.  William served in the US Army
             during WWII.  He entered the army in March 1942, and
             was stationed in Galveston, Texas.
          9. Mathilda Mary Klocke *18OCT1910
             oo George Herman Meiners *19JUL1909 +14FEB1967-Heart attack
                oo 1FEB1932 in St. Joseph's Church, Dedham, IA
                   Pastor:  Farther Christopher Huelshorst
                George was a livestock buyer and trucker.  They lived in
                Dedham and had 11-children:
             10. Dolores Mary Meiners *26NOV1932
                         Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. William F. Klocke
                 Oo Eugene Beierle *?? Near Columbus, Nebraska
                    Oo 10JUN1957 in Omaha, NE
                    Eugene's occupation:  Custodian
                    Together they had 2-children:
                 11. David Eugene Beierle *13JUN1958
                             Sponsors:  Chester & Martha Beierle
                 11. Patricia Ann Beierle *25APR1962
                             Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Georg H. Meiners
             10. Norbert Herman Meiners *31MAY1934
                         Sponsors:  Frances & Herman Meiners
                 Oo Janet Kay Patrick *2MAR1944
                    Oo 28AUG1965 in St. Joseph's Church, Dedham, IA
                       Pastor:  Father Henry Meyer
                    Norbert's occupation:  Feed Salesman &
                                           Grinding services
                    Norbert served in the US Army during the Korean
                   Campaign, stationed at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, then
                   In Germany.  Together they had 2-children:
                 11. Lisa Leann Meiners *3NOV1966
             	     Sponsors:  Richard Meiners & Mary Jane Meiners
                 11. Jeffrey Lynn Meiners *24SEP1967
             	     Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Meiners
             10. JoAnn Frances Meiners *14OCT1936
                         Sponsors:  Anna Klocke & Joseph Meiners
             10. Wilfred Marvin Meiners *12JUN1938
                         Sponsors:  Margaret Klocke & William G. Klocke
             10. Marilyn Meiners *28MAR1941 (Stillborn)
             10. Louis Joseph Meiners *8MAR1943
                         Sponsors:  Marie Klocke & Herman Meiners, Jr.
             10. Mary Jan Rose Meiners *4MAY1945
                         Sponsors:  Rosalie Danner & Albin Schultes
             10. David Edward Meiners*16NOV1946
                         Sponsors:  Edward Meiners & Rose Meiners
             10. Richard Leon Meiners *4JAN1949
                         Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Peter Danner
             10. Daryl Eugene Meiners*23OCT1950
                         Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Anton Klocke
             10. Emily Kay Meiners *15MAR1954
                         Sponsors:  Dolores Meiners & John Tasler
          9. Anton Bernard Klocke *29FEB1912 
                                  +3AUG1930 in Carroll, IA (auto accident)
          9. Joseph John Klocke *18APR1913 
                                +11OCT1951 in Carroll, IA (Brights Disease)
          9. Anna Margaret Klocke *3NOV1914 - Deceased
          9. Margaret Marcella Klocke *9MAR1918
          9. Marie Margaret Klocke *9JUN1922
       8. George Pletchette *4APR18987 - 16DEC1942
     	Sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Balk - Baptized in Willey
       8. Gertrude Pletchette *15FEB1892 - +23OCT1950
                 Sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wurzer
                    Baptized in Roselle (IA?)
       8. Joseph Pletchette *2JUL1894 +13AUG1962 in the Veterans Hospital,
                                                         Des Moines, IA
                Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. John Bazer - Baptized in Willey
       		Never married, and had no children
       8. Margaret Anna Pletchette *3AUG1897
        	Sporsors were John & Maggie Liewer (brother & sister) 
        	Baptized in Willey
       8. Bernard Pletchette *12FEB1900 +13MAR1970
                 Sponsors were Bernard (Barney) & Anna Greteman
                 Baptized in Willey, IA 12FEB1900 by Rev. John H. Gehling
          oo Anna Margaret Neppel *19MAY1896 1-1/2 miles west of Willey, IA
              Sponsors: John & Barbara Neppel-Baptized 21MAY1896 by
              Rev. John H. Gehling		
             oo 17FEB1925 in St. Mary's Church, Willey, IA
                Pastor: Father M.A. Schemel
                Both are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Willey, IA
             Bernard was a carpenter. Together they had 5-sons 
             & 2-daughters.  All were born in Willey, IA
          9. Wilfrieda "Freda" Anna Pletchette *27OCT1925 (living)
             Sponsors: Mrs. Mary Neppel & George Pletchette
             Freda did not marry, and had no children. She worked for
             The US Dept. of Agriculture for 32 yrs.
          9. Anita Mary Pletchette *18AUG1927
             Sponsors: Gertrude & Anton Einweg
             oo Albert John Dorski *1MAR1923
                oo 4OCT1962 in Riverhead, Long Island, NY
             Albert's occupation: Stocks & Bonds Broker for Piper,
             Jaffrey & Hopwood in Des Moines, IA. They had no children
             and live in Des Moines, IA
          9. Bernard John Pletchette *25JUL1929 (living)
             Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. John Pletchette
             Bernard has never married, and has no children.
    	   Occupation: Carpenter. Bernard served in the US Army during
             The Korean War from 2AUG1951 to 1AUG1953. Serial #US55173098.
             First 5-days spent at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and the balance
             At Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Discharged as Corporal. Went
             To Cook and Bakers School.
          9. Edward Francis Pletchette *8DEC1931 (living)
             Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. George Schultes
             Edward has never married, and has no children.
             Occupation: Tender (cement work, brick & block laying)
             Employed by Broich Bros. Edward served in the US Army from
             4MAY1953 to 15APR1955 (#US55375756) He spent a few days at
             Camp Crowder in Missouri, then Camp Chaffee in Arkansas, Camp
             Kilmer in New Jersey, then 18-months in Ansbach, Germany.
             Discharged as PFC.
             Note: Freda lives with her 2-brothers, Bernard & Edward
             in their maternal Grandmother's House built 
             in 1916 in Willey, IA
          9. Eugene John Pletchette *19JUN1933 +26JUL1977 of Bowel 
             Obstruction Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. John Broich
             Eugene was never married, and had no children. He made his 
             home at the Carroll County Home since March 1970 after his 
             father passed away.
    9. Leon Edward Pletchette *6DEC1936
       Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. Edward Klocke
       Leon has never married, and has no children. 
       Occupation: Residential Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service.
       Previously was a carpenter. He is currently retired and lives in
       his condo in Carroll, IA.
    9. Ronald Lawrence Pletchette *2SEP1939 +25DEC1970 of Brain Tumor
       Sponsors: Theodore Vogt & Laura Vogt 
       oo Diana Marie Kirsch *6OCT1944 +16FEB1980
          oo 7SEP1968 in Holy Angel's Church, Roselle, IA
          Pastor: Father Richard J. Macke
       Ronald's occupation: Electrician & Carpenter, employed by
       Goetzinger & Steffes.  Ronald spent 6-months in the US Army 
       Reserves from 19APR1962 until 18OCT1962. He spent time at Camp 
       Chaffee, Arkansas and then spent most of his time at Fort Ord, 
       California (#US17603444 PFC E-3). Was discharged 31JAN1968.
       Together they had 2-daughters:
       10. Susan Marie Pletchette *5AUG1969 in Carroll, IA
           Sponsors: Bernard Pletchette & Mrs. Andrew Kirsch
       10. Rhonda Marie Pletchette *16DEC1970 in Carroll, IA
           Sponsors: Andrew Kirsch & Freda Pletchette
    6. John (Jean?) Pletchette *approx 1790's? +
       I assumed John was older than Guil because his son was older 
       than Guil's, and because he died first. To whom John was married
       is unknown, nor how many children they had besides Peter.
       7. Peter Pletchette *
    6. Unknown Pletchette *??
       oo Henry Schupenitz
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    in Europe we would say...................... Carol Ann Arnold-Pletschett
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