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    Here is the history of Theresa, J. Pierre Pletschette & 
    Maria Asselborn's (Asselboix's) daughter
    8. Theresa Pletscher * 24JAN1794 Neunhausen
                         + aft 26MAR1828 Nives, Belgique
       oo Jean Hubert Lambin * 18NOV1792 Nives, Belgique
                             + Unknown
                             oo 18MAY1813 Nives, Belgique
       Jean Hubert was the son of Jean Henry Lambin and 
       Marie Therese Lecomte.  It appears Theresa Pletscher
       (note the different spelling) and Jean Hubert lived
       in Nives, Belgique and had one known daughter:
       9. Catherine Joseph Lambin * 26MAR1828 Nives, Belgique
                                  + 29JUN1904 Martelange, Beligique                                
          oo Michel Birchen * 02AUG1825 Messancy, Belgique
                            + 09NOV1871 Martelange, Belgique
                            oo bef 15MAR1855 Nives, Belgique
          Michel was the son of Michel Birchen and Marie Wagner.
          It appears Catherine & Michel live in Martelange, 
          Belgique and had two children:
          10. ? Birchen *Unknown +Unknown
              oo Nicolas Leonard *Unknown +Unknown
          10. Jacques Birchen * 15MAR1855 Martelange, Belgique 
                              + 20DEC1919 Unknown
              oo Marguerite Thiltges * 27DEC1856 Bonnert, Belgique
                                     + 02APR1945 Arlon, Belgique   
                                     oo 14JUL1880 Arlong, Belgique
              Marguerite was the daughter of Nicolas Thilges and
              Anne Marie Wagner (pehaps a relative of Marie Wagner?).
              It appears Jacques and Marguerite lived in Arlon, Belgique
              and had eleven children:
              11. Marie Josephine Birchen * Unknown in Arlon
                                          + 15MAR1946 in Arlon
              11. Marie Mathilde Birchen * 20JAN1881 Arlong
                                         + 01JUN1881 Longwy, France
              11. Lea Germaine Birchen *Unknown +Unknown
                  oo Antoine Thill *Unknow +Unknown
              11. Jean Pierre Birchen * 02MAR1882 Longwy, France
                                      + 16OCT1927 Courcelles, Belgique
                  oo Unknown
                  It appears Jean Pierre and his wife had two children:
                  10. Maragot Birchen *Unknown +Unknown
                      oo ? Deleeus *Unknown +Unknown
                  10. Jean Birchen *Unknown +Unknown    
              11. Marie Catherine Birchen * 10MAR1884 Arlon, Belgique
                                          + 22MAY1973 Tillet, Belgique 
                  oo Edouard Delperdange * Unknown + Unknown
                  It appears Marie and Edouard had two children:
                  10. Roger Delperdange
                  10. Jean Delperdange
              11. Anne Mathilde Birchen * 18JUL1888 Unknown where
                                        + 06SEP1934 Tillet, Belgique
                  oo Albert Gillet *Unknown +Unknown
                  It appears Anne Mathilde and Albert had one child:
                  10. Roland Gillet * Unknown + Unknown
                      oo ? Jordens  * Unknown + Unknown
              11. Francoise Rosalie Birchen * 14SEP1890 Arlon, Belgique
                                            + 15MAR1976 Vilvorde, Belgique
                  oo Octave Blondeau * Unknown + Unknown
              11. Jacques Henri Albert Birchen * 16OCT1892 Arlong, Belgique
                                               + 11FEB1977 Woluwe-St.Pierre,
                  oo Marie Josephine Eugenie Francais *Unknown +Unknown
                  Marie was the daughter of Francois Francais and 
                  Theresa LeJeune.  Marie was also married to 
                  Raymond Wilmart.  Together they had:
                  12. Paule Birchen *Unknown +Unknown
                      oo Guy Francois Cyrille Gerard Ghislain Languy
                         * Unknown + Unknown
                      13. Therese Languy * Unknown + Unknown
                          oo Bernard Corminboeuf * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Cecile Corminboeuf * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Lyse Corminboeuf   * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Maud Corminboeuf   * Unknown + Unknown
                      13. Xavier Languy           * Unknown + Unknown
                          oo Fabienne Verstraeten * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Sibylle Languy     * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Samuel Languy      * Unknown + Unknown
                      13. Jean Francois Joseph Jacques Languy
                                                 * Unknown + Unknown
                          oo Brigitte Rossomme   * Unknown + Unknown
                             Brigitte was the daughter of
                             Jacques Rossome & Germaine Devulder
                          14. Fabian Luc Jacques Languy * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Americ Patrick Raymond Languy * Unk + Unk
                          14. Enguerran Claude Michel Languy * Unk + Unk
                      13. Marc Languy            * Unknown + Unknown
                          oo Jeanine ???         * Unknown + Unknown
                          14. Thierry Languy     * Unknown + Unknown
              11. Germaine Lea Birchen  * 31JUL1894 Arlon, Belgique
                                        + 23OCT1972 Bruxelles, Belgique
                  oo Ernest Tabart      * Unknown + Unknown
              11. Jules Eugene Birchen  * 11DEC1897 Arlon, Belgique
                                        + Unknown
                  oo Louise Pianna      * Unknown + Unknown
                  It appears they had four children:
                  10. Annie Birchen
                  10. Julot Birchen
                  10. Margo Birchen
                  10. Jean Birchen
              11. Edourd Paul Birchen * 08FEB1900 Arlon, Belgique
                                      + 16JUN1972 Woluwe-St. Pierre,
    Note:  All of the above information was taken off the web.
    http://Jean Pierre Pletschette & Maria Asselboix@find.net
    A message was sent to the web master June, 2000, but as of
    yet, no response.  
    ==============================SOME MORE QUESTIONS=======================
    Thank you so much for the information!  Every little "tidbit" is
    greatly appreciated.
    It's another piece to the "puzzle".
    1.  We show Pierre Pletschette (son of Bernard & Catherine Kellen)as
        being born in Neunhausen on 04SEP1816.
        Do you show him as being born in Erpeldingen on 21NOV1814?
    2.  Do you think perhaps, Fernand's Jean Pletschette b. 1836-1902 was
        #9 on my family tree, Jean Guillume Pletschet b. 01JUN1835?  Jean
        Guillume was the youngest son of Bernard & Catherine, brother to
    3.  To date, we show J. Pierre & Maria Asselborn had the following
        - Theresa (she spelled her last name Pletscher) * 24JAN1794
        - Bernard B 01AUAG1794 (these dates may be incorrect, as these 
                                two are less than 9-months apart!!)
        - Anne Marie (Steve's ancestor) * 1800
          Do you know if J. Pierre & Maria had any more children?
    4.  What does it mean:  "She was born 17 pluviose IX Neunhausen"?
    5.  Reflecting on what you wrote about Sophie (1855), is called
        Josephine, who died 07MAR1866, 
        and Katharina Sophie who married John Agnes,
        in reviewing my hand-written family tree, 
        I believe you are correct! 
        My records indicate John & Katharina Sophie (who everyone called
        Sophie) had a daughter in Trail, Minnesota - they named her
        Most likely after her sister!
    HAFFREN@aol.com writes:
    Hello everybody,
    In answer to Steve's last mail I hereby sent you my last findings.
    Pierre Pletschette (1816) in Neunhausen, 
       son of Bernard and Catherine Kellen, 
       b. Nov 21,1814 in Erpeldingen married on Feb 21, 1836 in Eschweiler.
       I've found the following children, Anna Margaretha (1839), 
       Marie Catherine (1840), 
       Jean Pierre (1843), Jean Pierre (1844), Wilhelm (1846), 
       Pierre (1848), Anna Catharina (1850).
       So I don't know who were the parents of the Jean born 1836.
       On the other side I've found the marriage record of Joseph Palen 
       and Anna Catharina Pletschette in Neunhausen. 
       Her parents were Peter Pletschette and 
       Anna Maria Asselborn. She was born 17 pluviose IX in Neunhausen.
       So I think that Pletschette-Asselborn are the common ancestors 
       of Carol and Steve.
       Finallay I think that your ancestors, Carol, came from Bavigne,
       children of Nicolas Pletschette and Anna Margaretha Wilmes. 
       According to the records the child that you call Sophie (1855), 
       is called Josephine and died March 7, 1866.
       So I believe that she was not married to John Anges, 
       it was probably her sister Katharina Sophie (1868) who was 
       his wife.
       That's all for the moment. Many greetings to all of you
       René Daubenfeld
    Hello everybody,  ............................  Wednesday, July 26, 2000
       I apologize I've made a mistake in my last mail.
       Pierre Pletschette was well born in 1816, it's his wife 
       Anne Marie Fourman who was born in 1814.
       Born 17 pluviose IX refers to the french republican calendar 
       introduced by the french revolution. It was abolished some 
       years later again.  The date means Feb 6, 1801.
       René Daubenfeld
    Carol Arnold-Pletschett                                    July 24, 2000
    NB.. The abbreviations abt. & aft. are for about
         and after to indicate that the date is not
         necessarily accurate.
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