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    Jacqueline Weyler-Bertemes
    for her 50th Birthday 
    that took place 
    July 29, 2000
    Jacqueline was born 
    July 14, 1950
    Jakie, I'm so sorry that me considering your desire to change
    name, made you loose 1.000 Lfrs - Fernand
    Those who want to help Jakie, please send an e-mail!
    Thank you in advance
    Jakie in need of consolation!
    To come to this page just enter as URL: clix.to/jakie
    from L. to R.: Liliane Knoch-Pletschette, Nicole Oesch-Buchholtz, 
    Jacqueline Weyler-Bertemes & Gilberte Pletschette-Quinet.
    Nicole Oesch-Buchholtz, Gilberte Pletschette-Quinet,
    and finally Jacqueline
    August 15, 1991
    Silver Wedding in 1995
    Jacqueline Weyler-Bertemes 2nd from left & Aloyse Weyler 2nd from right
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