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    QUESTIONS III:__________________________________________________________
    by Carol Arnold-Pletschett.............................. August 15, 2001
       We had a family reunion this past weekend on my mother's side,
       the Halvorsons.  It was nice to see everyone again.
       Perhaps you can forward this to Lilliane, as I do not have her email
       address. ((I printed out and forwarded - FP)) 
    	 I stumbled across the following web site- it lists 
    	 Luxembourg soldiers in Napoleon's army:
  • Luxembourg soldiers in Napoleon's army It lists Guillaume Pletschette, B. 24MAY1790 in Brattert (not sure what the other information listed translates to). This Guillaume appears to be one of Lilliane's ancestors as follows: ---------------- PLETSCHETTE Brattert ------------ last updated: May 01, 2001 Pletschet Bernard * 1767, Neunhausen +15-2-1843, Brattert oo Thilmany Elisabeth * 27.6.1765, Brattert +8-6-1845, Brattert oo 4-2-1789 Eglise de Rindschleiden (Parregester Rindschleiden) 1. ---------- Brattert Plettschette Gul. baptisé 24-5-1790, paroisse Rindschleiden 2. ---------- Brattert Pletschette Joa Petrus, baptisé 7-10-1791, paroisse Rindschleiden 3.----------- Brattert Pletschet Antonius (Antoine) * 1795, Brattert + 28-06-1869, Brattert baptisé 4-3-1795, paroisse Rindschleiden oo Reding Anne-Marie * + 31-12-1866, Brattert oo 1-6-1814 Could this Guilaume & Joa be Freda's ancestors? 8. Guil Pletchette (Freda's ancestor?) Guil Pletchette *approx 1800 in Alsace-Lorraine (perhaps Platz, Luxembourg?) + 1876 in Chicago, IL To whom Guil was married is unknown. He and his brother, John, were both said to be born in the Alsace-Lorraine region and emigrated to USA. It is said he and his wife Had at least 2-sons (George & John), and 1-daughter (name nknown). It is thought this daughter married a Mr. Henry Schupenitz (1868-1958) and lived in the Carroll, Iowa area. Henry (and perhaps his wife as well) is buried in Carroll Cemetery, NE corner, Lot 154, Space 10. Records indicate Mrs. John Goffinet of Carroll, IA, paid the Perpetual Care. 8. John (Jean/Joa?) Pletchette *approx 1790's? +1858 in Luxemburg, IA I assumed John was older than Guil because his son was older than Guil's, and because he died first. To whom John was married is unknown, nor how many children they had besides Peter. Working on the Family Tree is now very slow. New information trickles in, but nothing tying us all together yet. Just possibilites and theories! Carol ========================================================================= QUESTIONS II: Would somebody know of the origine of the Petschette's in Luxembourg? ____________________________________________ by Fernand Pletschette................................................... December 09, 2000 We are interested to find out about the origine of the name Pletschette and also from where the Pletschette's came from. Following links 1) Septfontaines - Coat of Arms Jean Pletschette, bailli de Septfontaines, 21-III-1635 2) Neunhausen - The grave stone of the Pletschette family in Neunhausen. The gravestone no longer at the cimetry, but we had the opportunity to make photos of the stone. 3) Medernach or the farm Pletschette - Coat of Arms following link shows some info on the farm Pletschette following link points to the coat of arms of Medernach, where the coat of arm of the Pletschette family is referred to: Information received up to now.......... Information on the origine of the name, or the first Pletschette's in Luxembourg, would be much appreciated Fernand ========================================================================= QUESTIONS I:____________________________________________________________ by Carol Arnold-Pletschett.............................................. Carol, October 26, 2000 Fernand: I have been reviewing some of the Wahl/Differdange information, and wondering if you can confirm this: I'm not sure, but will try to find out, Fernand According to Felix Pletschette's Ahnen Pass, his ancestors were: .William (Guillaume) Pletschette in Heispelt (wagonmaster/carpenter) (This could possibly be the older brother of my Great-Grandfather Nicolas *1827, whose name was Wilhelm *1820, or it could be Nicolas' younger brother, Jean Guillaume *1835 - or then again it could be neither - what do you think?) oo Maria Reuter ..Peter Pletschette *1850 in Heispelt (wagonmaster/carpenter) oo Elizabeth Ruppert *1849 (daughter of Anton Ruppert & Charlotte F.Rief) ...Johann Peter *1881 in Heispelt oo Elizabeth Lommer *1882 in Bowen (daughter of Johann Lommer & Katharina Ruck) ....Felix Pletschette *1910 in Marienau/Lorraine Now if the following is also true: Memories of the passion plays of Differdingen 14. 15. 16 and 17 August 1947 on the hills of the " Thillebierg " and Alphonse Joseph called Jérôme Pletschette 1912-10-25 in Marienau with Forbach + 1986-03-05 in Differdingen son and one of the eight children of the wagners Carpenter Jean Pierre Pletschette and his wife Elise ---------------- The Jean Pierre Pletschette & his wife Elise mentioned above, would have been Johann Peter *1881 in Heispelt & Elizabeth Lommer *1882 in Bowen, right? Together they had the following 7 of 8-children: 1. Jean-Pierre *1905 2. Emile *1909 3. Felix *1910 4. Alphonse Joseph called Jerome Pletschette 5. Maria *1915 6. Francois Franzy *19?? - +1944/45 7. Caroline *19__ 8. Germaine *19__ +19__ Now if all this is true, the William (Guillaume) Pletschette, who was married to Maria Reuter had another son named Nik Pletschette who married Anne-Marie Ruppert another daughter of Anton Ruppert & Charlotte F. Rief. So in effect Nik Pletschette & Peter Pletschette (brothers) married the Ruppert sisters, Anne-Marie & Elizabeth. Which is all part of the following, correct? Again, I'm not sure, but will try to find out, Fernand "a Wonesch" Familie Pletschette-Ney No. 31 ------------------------------------------------------ Pletschette Willy, Wahl Pletschette Théo-Melmer, Ettelb/3 1905-1974 Wagner Pletschette Elsi-Bessous, Paris/1 Ney Amelie, Wahl Pletschette Marianne-May, Ettelbr/1 1905 - Pletschette Jeanny-Holtz, Ettelbr/1 Pletschette Nik, Wahl Pletschette Willy-Ney, Wahl/4 1876-1965 Wagner Pletschette Josephine-Künsch? luxbg Dederichs Barbara, Dahlem/Eiffel Pletschette Agnes-Winandy, Diekirch/4 1876-1948 Pletschette Jos-Poos, Mertzig/10 Pletschette Maria-Sieben, Bettborn Pletschette Nik, Wahl Pletschette Nicolas-Dederichs, Wahl/5 Ruppert Anne-Marie, Wahl Pletschette Anton-Karius, Luxbg Pletschette Anna-Koch, Luxbg Pletschette. . . .Ordensfrau Pletschette Caroline - ,Paris Pletschette Emile, Wahl Pletschette Maria, Mersch Pletschette Wilhelm, Dompfarrer 1868-1922 Ruppert Anton, Wahl Ruppert Anne-Marie-Pletschette,Wahl/8 1811-1873 Ruppert Pierre-Hoffmann, Wahl Rief f Charlotte, Wahl 1808-1884 ........ Ruppert Anton-Rieff, Wahl ........ Ruppert Philippe Ruppert J.Pierre, curé ________________________________________________________________________ Everybody is welcome to mail us your feedback Klick here to e-mail feedback Good Reading. Greetings and all good wishes. Fernand ________________________________________________________________________ Fernand Pletschette Tel: (352) 8199-3144 15, rue d'Arlon Fax: (352) 8199-3192 L-9155 GROSBOUS Tel. privé: (352) 888 039 (Gr. D. of Luxembourg) Mobile Phone: (352) 021 193 028 ************************************************************************